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I am a film critic and culture writer focusing on contemporary cinema, video games, internet culture,and cultural representations of irony and sincerity. I write regularly for various publications and speak regularly at conferences and other events. As a film critic, I have reviewed films from a range of film festivals including BFI London Film Festival, Glasgow Film Festival, Fantasia International Film Festival, and BFI Flare LGBTIQ+ Film Festival. I have also appeared as a contributing film critic on the film review podcast and radio show, Cinetopia.

I have a Master’s degree in Cultural and Critical Studies from Birkbeck, University of London and wrote my dissertation on New Sincerity in contemporary indie video games with reference to David Lynch’s work in film and TV and Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg.

I am also a podcaster and collect photos of street art, graffiti, and outdoor sculpture.


A full list of my cultural studies writing can be found on Zotero. My film reviews can be found on TAKE ONE‘s website. Older reviews and other writings on culture are available on Medium.

My fiction has been published in various literary publications and in New Scientist as the winner of their 2009 flash fiction competition.

If you’d like to discuss a commission, please get in touch.


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essays and articles

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selected film reviews

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‘Body Search’ in New Scientist 2739 – winner of the New Scientist flash fiction competition judged by Stephen Baxter.


I speak regularly at conferences and academic events about film, video games, internet culture, and Twin Peaks. If you’d like to request a speaking engagement, please get in touch.


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I have appeared as a contributing film critic on the film review podcast and radio show, Cinetopia. The Cinetopia podcast reviews the latest UK cinema releases (slanted towards arthouse cinema), and interviews with film professionals. Cinetopia is a organisation aiming to make film and filmmaking more approachable and diverse within Edinburgh and beyond.

With my partner, Helen Sulis Bowie, I co-hosted the popular comedy podcast, You Are Being Unreasonable, in which we examined the strange culture of Mumsnet’s Am I Being Unreasonable forum. The archive of You Are Being Unreasonable is available on a wide variety of podcast platforms including Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. In 2018, the Anchor team named us one of their favourite podcasts of the year.

For a taste of the podcast, please enjoy our sampler episode on our YouTube channel:

performance art

I was a producer for Helen Sulis Bowie‘s interactive solo show, Smashing It! Smashing It! was an interactive gameshow about navigating life under capitalist patriarchy and was performed at Word of Warning’s Emergency 2019 festival in Manchester, the Clapham Fringe in London, and at the Vagina Museum in London.


I regularly take photos of street art, graffiti, and outdoor sculpture from around the world. These photographs are available (licensed as CC-BY) at